Band Management

My office represents many musicians, but we also represent indie record labels and band managers. If you are looking to manage a new musical act and need help getting off the ground and signing the necessary contracts, my office is here to help.

Band managers play a vital role in the music industry. With thousands of acts fighting for their opportunity, a band manager may be the person to get a group recognized. For their effort, band managers typically earn 10-20% of all earnings that the musician or musical group brings in.

Band Manager Basics:

Being a manager is not a task that any fan of music can simply take on. A band manager must:

  • Have an intimate knowledge of the music industry (and it's laws!)
  • Maintain close ties within the genre of music you look to represent
  • Understand promotion and marketing
  • Build relationships and contacts with venues and concert promoters to ensure your act is visible
  • Help the band record the perfect demo
  • Get the word out, get the word out, get the word out!

Whether you are an experienced band manager with a stable of acts, or the best friend of a musician you really believe in, my office can help:

  • Create your management company - even if you have not signed your first act it is essential to look and act the part
  • Draft and negotiate contracts between you and your managed act
  • Negotiate appearance fees for your act
  • Assist in negotiations and review contracts with record labels

If you currently represent musical acts, or are considering becoming a band manager, contact my office for a free consultation and we can discuss the necessary steps to becoming a success.