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Governor Carcieri Chooses Justice Suttell for Chief Justice Post

| May 28, 2009 | Legal News

Governor Carcieri has nominated Justice Paul Suttell to replace Chief Justice Frank Williams at the State’s highest Court.

The Governor said of Judge Suttell:

Justice Suttell brings a wealth of judicial and scholarly experience to
the position of Chief Justice…He has served the public with the
highest honor and distinction, first as a member of the Rhode Island House
of Representatives and later as a Family Court Judge and Supreme Court
Justice. He is a dedicated and conscientious jurist, whose understanding
of the law and ability to lead will serve him well as Chief Justice.

Justice Suttell has been on the State Supreme Court since 2003 and his appointment as Chief Justice should pass the State House of Representatives and Senate.

As a bonus – Justice Suttell and I at my swearing in.