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Proud to Announce the Start of My Entertainment Law Practice

| Jun 30, 2009 | Uncategorized

A very good friend of mine also happens to be an extremely talented artist on the verge of big things, by way of helping him through the legal tangles of the entertainment and music biz – I have learned a great deal about entertainment law and have devoted significant time to studying this area.

I now represent both artists and record labels and want to expand this practice area. I want to invite anyone who needs assistance in this area to contact my office, including but not limited to, existing record labels and record label start-ups, artists, bands and musicians, writers, agents, etc.

Those familiar with this area understand that entertainment law is primarily a network of contracts fighting over rights and royalties to copy-written and original material. Artists, publishing houses, and records labels
all need anattorney to make sure that their interest in the work is protected and that the best possible deal has been obtained.