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Does Neurontin Increase Risk of Suicide?

| Jul 27, 2009 | Pharmaceuticals

That is the question that a Boston Federal Court will decide as the trial is set to begin. Superstar plaintiff attorney Mark Lanier is bringing the suit alleging that the Pfizer anti-epilepsy drug increases a patient’s risk of suicide. This case, the first of some 1200 prepared to go to suit in the coming years is predicted to mirror the Vioxx lawsuits.

Attorney Lanier has admitted that he is starting with a tough case to test the waters. He represents the family of Susan Bulger, a thirty-nine-year-old woman who took the drug before hanging herself in 2004. The case is made difficult by the fact that Ms. Bulger attempted suicide no less than three times previously.

A win for the plaintiffs in this early case would be devastating to Pfizer with over a thousand lawsuits pending.