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Many Providence Day Cares Putting Children at Risk

| Aug 24, 2009 | Uncategorized

The City of Providence has almost 500 day care centers, many of which are home day cares located in poor sections of the City.  While it is quite easy to obtain a license, a recent article in the Projo, shows that being licensed is not enough. 

Many day cares were cited or suspended due to issues such as improper ventilation that could lead to carbon monoxide build up, fire hazards, improper electrical wiring, etc.  One house was infested with flies and sickly animals. 

The economic reality is that proper day care is incredibly expensive and home day care offers a cost-effective alternative to a low income family.  Ensuring that the facility is properly licensed and insured is not enough, however.  Parents must carefully examine the facilities where the kids will be spending their time to ensure that they are safe and secure.