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Out of State Residents Injured in Rhode Island

| Oct 13, 2010 | Uncategorized

You may be among the tens of thousands of people who come to Rhode Island each year, maybe to see Newport, or to attend a convention or see the sights in Providence. Perhaps you were coming to visit your son or daughter in college or visit family. Unfortunately, while visiting Rhode Island, you were seriously injured in a slip and fallcar accident, or other type of accident.

If you are injured in Rhode Island, it is Rhode Island law that will apply and any potential lawsuit must be filed in the Rhode Island Court system. For that reason, even if you live in Denver, Colorado, you will need to hire a Rhode Island personal injury attorney. My office has plenty of experience in helping out of State residents with their Rhode Island personal injury claim. I currently represent clients from Connecticut, Maine, Colorado, California, and Maryland, all of whom were injured while vacationing or visiting Rhode Island or Massachusetts.

Computers, faxes, email, Skype, and smart-phones have made it very easy for attorneys and clients to interact even if from thousands of miles away. If the case requires a lawsuit, you will have to appear at a deposition along the way. This can be arranged to suit your schedule with as little inconvenience as possible. Remember, however, that most cases settle and in that situation you will not have to return to Rhode Island, unless by choice.

The process is actually quite easy and my office utilizes every technical advance to limit the inconvenience of long distance representation.

If you live outside of the State but were injured while visiting Rhode Island, contact my office right away for a free consultation.