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Plans Under Way to Improve Pedestrian Safety on Atwells Avenue

| Dec 1, 2010 | Uncategorized

Over the past several years, no less than eight pedestrians and one bicyclist have been struck by a motor vehicle while walking on Atwells Avenue in Providence. The number of bars and restaurants along the famous street draw out hundreds of pedestrians every night and due to the low visibility and high traffic of Federal Hill there is a persistent danger of a car accident. In addition, many drivers use Atwells Avenue as a short cut from Route 10 to downtown Providence increasing the number of cars on the busy street.

Following the high profile accident of City Council member Terrence Hassett, the City has decided to finally take action to improve pedestrian safety. Working with a number of engineers, the City intends to now increase the number of crosswalk signs, re-stripe existing crosswalks, and install a speedbump near Piedmont Street to slow down passing vehicles. The speedbump is to be located at a critical area of the street where passing cars often drive well over the speed limit, and near the area where Councilman Hassett was struck and injured.

It is an important and vital step for Providence to increase safety on one of its most beloved roads. The combination of too many cars, too many pedestrians, parking valets run back and forth, and dark and busy roads is a recipe for disaster. It is no surprise that so many pedestrians have been struck by vehicles in the past few years.

Pedestrian accidents are the most serious form of car accidents. A pedestrian is absolutely defenseless against the weight and speed of a passing vehicle and injuries are often permanent and severe. Pedestrians struck by cars often suffer: broken bones, head injuries, scarring, extended hospital stays, internal injuries, and more.

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