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| Apr 22, 2011 | Firm News

Entertainment law has always been one of the focus areas of this law firm and now we have a twitter profile dedicated to entertainment law.

To those of you new to this blog, our office represents and has counseled nearly a hundred musicians, producers, and musical groups. We have assisted our clients with: copyright and trademarks, license agreements, production agreements, recording contracts, and all other contracts related to the music industry. I frequently negotiate favorable contracts for my clients and advise them when a contract is not in their best interest.

In addition, our practice has recently grown to include Film & Television, Writers and Screenwriters, Visual Artists, Photographers, etc. If you are involved in the arts and need an entertainment attorney to assist you with your project and ensure that your rights are protected, do not hesitate to call our office for a free consultation. I have represented and worked with major recording artists, as well as work on feature films. No client is too large or too small.

Entertainment law is transactional in nature, meaning that it is primarily concerned with drafting and negotiating contracts. It is not an area of law that frequently goes to trial (where I am admitted in Rhode Island and Massachusetts). Because of this I can represent clients anywhere in the Country and I often do. I have clients in California, New York, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and even a heavy metal group from Germany.