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Neck and Back Injuries and Car Accidents

| Feb 8, 2012 | Uncategorized

As a Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury attorney I have handled many, many whiplash injuries caused by car accidents. The term “whiplash” refers to the rapid and forceful movement of the neck backwards and/or forwards following a car crash. This sudden and forceful movement can cause strains and/or sprains to the muscles around the neck and back resulting in significant pain.

Despite my vast experience representing injured clients with soft tissue injuries, I still come across articles or information that give me a greater understanding of the injuries and how they are caused. I recently came across an article by Dr. Jay Lipoff, a New York Chiropractor, which opened my eyes to a few things that I feel are worth sharing.

Like Dr. Lipoff, I often see clients and potential clients down-playing the severity of their whiplash injury following a car accident. Clients often say “it’s not too bad” or the injury is “nothing major”. I believe this comes in part because we tend to ignore our own health or believe that the pain will go away quickly when in reality serious, sometimes, permanent injury has occurred. Sometimes, potential clients believe that any injury short of a broken bone is not worth pursuing against the insurance company. Remember, you have a valid and important injury claim if you suffered whiplash.

As Dr. Lipoff points out, it is next to impossible for the soft tissue of a human body to be OK after an auto accident when steel and metal is nearly destroyed. If a 2500 pound car is seriously damaged, it is safe to assume that the 180 pound person inside the vehicle, whether seat-belted or not, is going to be hurt. From the article:

“The impact to the driver is 2.5 times greater than the force to the vehicle itself. So whatever damage you see to the vehicle, realize the force to your body was 2.5 times greater. Changes of speed of only 2.5 miles an hour during crash tests caused occupants symptoms of soft tissue injuries; whereas damage to a vehicle may not be seen until 8.7 mph.”

We are not so invincible as we sometimes believe, and the soft tissue and muscles of our body are particularly prone to injury in an auto accident. It is important to remember, that although common, soft tissue or whiplash injuries, are serious injuries that require the help of an experienced car accident attorney. If you have suffered a whiplash injury following an auto accident, seek the proper medical treatment for your injuries and contact our office for a free consultation.