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Increase in Number of Pedestrian Deaths Spurs DOT to Add Funding

| Aug 8, 2013 | Personal Injury

An increase in the number of pedestrians killed in auto accidents has spurred the Department of Transportation to increase spending on grants for safety and education. In 2011, over 4000 pedestrians were killed in auto accidents. This represents a nearly ten percent increase from 2009. Furthermore, this increase occurred during a time period where road safety was actually increasing with the overall percentage of fatalities in auto accidents dropping.

It goes without saying that pedestrians are extremely vulnerable on the roads. A man or woman serves little chance against a 2 or 3000 pound vehicle. Pedestrians do not wear helmets or safety equipment and have absolutely no means to protect themselves from an impending accident. Broken bones, scarring, head injuries, and internal injuries are quite common in pedestrian vs. auto accidents. Unfortunately, as the DOT here reports so is death.

Accident frequency is on a high lately mostly due to distracted driving. Earbuds in the ear listening to music, smartphones with email, twitter, text or Facebook have all led to an increase in the number of distracted drivers who are more likely to fail to see a pedestrian. Of course, pedestrians also bear some responsibility. The DOT report also states how frequently, especially in urban areas, that pedestrians jaywalk. Pedestrians must understand the risk they face in the streets and act with due care and caution.

My office has extensive experience representing pedestrians seriously injured by auto accidents including a recent $250,000 settlement for a woman who was struck by an elderly driver who ran her over breaking both legs. Like any accident, it is imperative that your personal injury attorney prove negligence on the at fault driver. Once negligence is demonstrated, a victim is entitled to current and future medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Surprisingly, some pedestrian accidents are also hit and run accidents. Some drivers are so callous, or potentially drunk, that they leave the scene even after striking a pedestrian. If the person who caused your injuries is unknown because he or she fled the scene it is imperative for you to know that your injuries may be covered by your uninsured motorist coverage on your vehicle (if you carry such insurance). Many people are not aware of this provision, and as such, think there is nothing they can do if a victim of a hit and run.

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