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Attorney Lamy Please to Announce $5 Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Settlement

| Dec 3, 2014 | Medical Malpractice

After five years of work on a complex medical malpractice case, and in collaboration with an excellent Providence law firm, I am absolutely thrilled to announce the $5 million dollar settlement for a young girl whose life will never quite be the same due to doctor’s negligence.

The mother of the young girl first brought this case to my attention when her daughter was just five months old. The young girl had a very difficult delivery resulting in approximately 20 minutes without appropriate oxygen. She was immediately airlifted to the NICU at Women & Infants where everything was done to save her life and reduce the trauma suffered. Despite an admirable job at the second hospital, the damage was already done at the first. As a result ofhttps://www.josephlamy.com/lawyer-attorney-1677832.html the medical negligence, the young girl, now 6, is destined to experience cognitive difficulties, organ failure and kidney problems. Her life expectancy was also dramatically reduced.

Not unlike this case, medical malpractice injuries are often devastating and life changing. The cases are complex and vigorously defended. As we did with this case, I look to work with the best expert witnesses and collaborative attorneys to ensure the best possible result in medical malpractice cases.

Errors made during child delivery are often the cause of traumatic and life altering injury, including cerebral palsy and the types of injuries sustained in this case. Contact our office for a free consultation. We will immediately review the medical records at our own expense and review the potential of the case with a medical expert witness. If you have a case, we promise to represent you with the same intensity as we have done in this case.