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Norovirus Outbreak at RI Institution, Wrights Farm

| Mar 19, 2016 | Foodborne Illness

An outbreak of norovirus at the RI landmark restaurant, Wrights Farm, has shocked many and injured as many as 30 people. The RI Dept of Health has confirmed that the recent outbreak is linked to Wrights Farm in Burrillville and has caused a number of illnesses. So many members of the Bryant College lacrosse team were made ill that a game had to be rescheduled. There is no word yet where the outbreak came from or how it occurred but the restaurant has placed a self-imposed closure until March 24th while it effectuates a thorough clean-up and investigation.

Norovirus is a common food borne illness and can range in severity from cramps to severe dehydration and pain that might even require hospitalization. Vomiting and nausea are the most common symptoms.

My office has represented many victims of food poisoning including some of the most recent high profile outbreaks including, Uncle Sushi Restaurant, DeFusco’s Bakery and most recently the Chipotle outbreak. If you required a hospital visit and were diagnosed with norovirus after eating at Wrights Farm Restaurant, contact our office for a free consultation.