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SuperLawyers and the Top 2%

| Aug 10, 2017 | Firm News

I am absolutely honored to say that this year I have been recognized by SuperLawyers as a Rising Star and among the best personal njury attorneys in Rhode Island. SuperLawyers is really the gold standard in identifying the most competent and able of attorneys in any specific area of practice. The process requires nominations from your peer group which is then vetted by independent research of a candidates record, ethical standing and achievements in the area of law. In the end only 2% of attorneys are selected to be classified as “SuperLawyers”.

I started my career with a very prestigious law firm in Boston where it was simply understood that every attorney was to be regarded as a SuperLawyer. I left to start my own practice in Rhode Island with every intention of carrying on that high standard into my own practice. Recognition this year is in many ways “Mission Accomplished” and I am eternally grateful.

I want to thank all of my past and current clients who have entrusted me with their hardships and serious injuries to help build this successful practice. I also want to thank all of my past and current support staff who help make my job possible.