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How can you pay your medical bills after your car accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Personal Injury

Even though you may be seriously injured, life doesn’t stop just because you’ve been in an accident. Your rent or mortgage is still going to come due, you’ll still have to put food on the table, and you’ll have to pay your utility bills if you want to keep your lights on. That can be extraordinarily difficult to do when your injuries prevent you from working, not to mention when you have massive medical bills looming over you.

All of that pressure can quickly become overwhelming, leaving you feeling like you’re out of options and that your future has been unfairly stripped away from you. But you don’t have to let that happen. Instead, you can take legal action against the individual who caused your harm in hopes of recovering the compensation that you deserve.

But how are you supposed to cover your bills until then?

Your options for paying your bills while your lawsuit is pending

Although it may seem impossible to cover all of your bills while you’re waiting for your legal claim to resolve, there are options that you can utilize, even if your savings are insufficient to cover your losses. Let’s look at some of those options:

  • Turn to insurance policies: Your first step should be to fully utilize your insurance policy as well as the other driver’s policy. This means knowing what those policies entail and how to use them to your advantage. Therefore, you’ll want to pay close attention to the details of your policy.
  • Work out an agreement with your medical provider: While many medical providers are aggressive in collecting debt, most are understanding if you’re unable to immediately pay your bills because of your accident injuries. That’s why they’re oftentimes willing to enter into an agreement whereby they forego immediate collection of medical debt in exchange for an interest in your lawsuit’s resolution. By doing so, the medical provider is guaranteed that they’ll be paid once you recover compensation. This is oftentimes referred to as a medical lien or a letter of promise.
  • Ask for help: Some car accident victims are able to successfully seek financial help from family members, their friends, and even their community. If you feel uneasy about doing that, then you might want to consider reducing any borrowing agreements to writing. That way everyone is on the same page with a full understanding of their responsibilities and obligations.
  • Personal injury loan: There are also businesses out there that provide loans to individuals who are waiting for their legal claim to resolve. The money provided through these lawsuit loans can help you cover your day-to-day expenses, but it’s important to remember that these lending agreements carry an interest rate, which means that you’ll end up paying back more than you borrowed. Also, you’ll be on the hook for repaying this loan even if you end up not recovering from your personal injury claim.

Take an aggressive path in your personal injury case

There’s a lot to think about and deal with when you’ve been injured in a car accident. While you’ll have to navigate the immediacy of paying your bills, you’ll also have to think about how you can recoup your losses and ensure that you have the long-term financial stability that you need.

This is where aggressively advocating for you interests may prove helpful, as doing so may lead to a more robust recovery. But in order to achieve this outcome, you’re going to have to know how to build compelling legal arguments, effectively negotiate, and zealously advocate on your behalf. If you think you could use some assistance in those areas, then you might want to consider reaching out to a legal professional for help.