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Have an Attorney Review Your Music Contracts
Have an Attorney Review Your Music Contracts

The cost of an attorney can be prohibitive for young musicians or bands starting out. I understand that in the early stages a band is so excited for an opportunity that they will sign whatever contract comes to them in hopes of making it big. I have also heard a lot of ...

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  • BMI Launches “BMI Live” to Help Collect Performance Royalties

    Broadcast Music, Inc, better known as “BMI” and one of the two major music royalty collection agencies, has launched a new program, simply titled “BMI ...

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  • Music Producer Agreements – Before You Sign the Contract

    Music producers are the unsung heroes of the music industry… the creative and talented force that transforms a group of musicians in studio into a ...

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  • Royalty Dispute Ends in Eminem’s Favor and It Could Have a Huge Impact on the Recording Industry

    A Federal Court in California has ruled in favor of Eminem , by stating that digital downloads from iTunes.com do not qualify as purchases, but are ...

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  • Artists Are You Considering a Manager? Here’s What to Know About a Management Contract

    A band manager hears a song on the internet or catches your act at a local club and approaches you promising recording contracts and headline ...

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  • Entertainment Lawyer Joseph Lamy May Be Retained on Contingency Fee Basis

    I speak with musicians and artists almost every day to try and help them along the path to rock and pop stardom, but the fact is that many up and ...

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  • Black Eyed Peas Record Setting Download Confirms Music Industry Is Forever Changed

    The Black Eyed Peas insanely infectious song “I Gotta Feeling” has become the most downloaded song in history topping 5 and a half million legal ...

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  • BMI, ASCAP and Now Soundexchange

    I came across an important article in the Tennessean which pointed out the importance of registering with an organization that collects royalties for ...

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  • American Idol’s “Pants on the Ground” Singer Hires Attorney

    General Larry Platt could never have imagined that when he auditioned for American Idol in Atlanta to sing a funny song of his own writing that he ...

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  • The Complex State of the Music Industry: Everyone Sue Everyone

    The music industry continues to be a hotbed for litigation. It’s penchant for controversy is sometimes staggering. What’s happening just this week: A ...

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