Brain Injuries (TBI)

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) or head injury occurs when an outside force causes damage to the brain. Injury can result from direct impact to the skull or from acceleration/deceleration of the skull such as in a quick change of speed. Traumatic brain injuries can occur from a car accident, slip and fall, construction accident, and elsewhere.  These are very serious injuries that require the help and assistance of a personal injury attorney experienced with head injury claims.

The severity of a traumatic brain injury (often graded on the Glasgow Coma Scale) can range from relatively minor injuries to life altering and fatal injuries. A person with a minor TBI may or may not lose consciousness. Symptoms of a minor TBI may include: headaches, dizziness, loss of motor function and balance, ringing in the ears, altered sleep patterns, fatigue, mood swings, nausea, blurred vision, etc.

A severe TBI will show symptoms similar to a minor injury but may also include: headaches that will not go away, frequent vomiting, convulsions, slurred speech, restlessness, agitation, confusion. The long-term affects from a severe TBI can be life-changing and may result in a victim no longer able to live independently. Worse results can include coma, and even death. TBI is the leading cause of comas around the world. In addition, a recent medical journal indicated that 34% of TBI deaths occurred in car accidents, and an additional 10% of TBI deaths were the result of a fall.

If you lost consciousness following an accident or injury or are demonstrating other signs and symptoms of a head injury, the emergency room may order an MRI or a CT Scan which are effective tests at identifying head injuries. Unfortunately, brain tissue damaged in an accident is unlikely to be recovered and the effects may be permanent. A person who has sustained a severe TBI may face surgery to remove hematomas forming on the brain.

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