Bus Accidents

Bus accidents are most likely to occur on a public transit bus, such as the MBTA in Massachusetts or RIPTA in Rhode Island, or on a school bus.  Whether traveling on a public or private bus, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries sustained as a passenger.

Similarly, you are also entitled to make a claim for your child if he or she was injured while riding on a school bus.  Anyone stopped behind a school bus for several minutes while the kids exit the bus know that extreme safety precautions are taken to protect the safety of school children.  Accidents do, however, occur.  Sometimes the accident is the fault of the bus driver, and sometimes another driver is at fault.  It is a mistake to believe that because a bus is such a large vehicle that it is impossible to be injured while riding on a bus.  In fact, serious injury can occur in a bus crash, primarily because riders do not have any type of safety device such as seat belts, front or side airbags.  Therefore, it is very easy to be thrown from a seated position in a bus and injured.

Children are also in danger while entering and exiting the bus.  A monitor is often employed to make sure that all oncoming traffic comes to a stop and that the child safely crosses the street and climbs on to the bus, but accidents can and do occur while picking up and dropping off student passengers.  If your child is seriously injured because a passing car struck your child while he or she was entering or exiting a school bus, you may have a claim against the bus company (in addition to the driver who struck your child) if they failed to follow State regulations and properly stop traffic and employ a traffic monitor.

Like any other car accident, a passenger injured while riding a bus is entitled to compensation for personal injuries including: medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  Since a public transit bus is almost certainly insured, you can be sure to obtain a settlement even if the at fault driver is uninsured.