Drunk Driving Related Car Accidents

Perhaps the only thing more traumatic than being involved in a car accident, is being struck by a driver who is drunk.  If you have been involved in an accident with a drunk driver you should contact a Rhode Island auto accident attorney who can help you obtain all the damages to which you are entitled.

A car accident caused by a drunk driver is unique from "ordinary" car accidents and should not be treated the same way by your lawyer.  Drunk driving accidents are often more serious because the drunk operator makes NO attempt to avoid the accident, is likely to be speeding, and has no awareness of his surroundings.  Drunk driving often results in serious accidents such as head on-collisions, T-bone intersection accidents, and high speed collisions.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 33,000 people died in traffic accidents in 2009, of which an estimated 11,000 were caused by drunk drivers.  Drunk driving fatalities accounted for nearly 1/3 of all auto accident deaths.  In these accidents, the drunk driver often has a previous conviction for DUI and the median blood alcohol level is .17 (or more than 2x the legal limit).

Like other auto accidents you are entitled to: current and future medical bills, lost wages and loss of earning potential, and current and future pain and suffering.  When the at-fault driver is intoxicated it gives you an advantage in negotiations with the insurance company.  They are hesitant to let the case get to trial because they know that if a jury hears this case that the jury is likely to "punish" the drunk driver by hitting him or her with a high award for damages.  If the insurance company knows that your auto accident attorney has a history of aggressively fighting DUI related accidents, your settlement value will increase.  My office often takes DUI related accidents into litigation and I would be happy to discuss your case and your rights with you if you were injured by a drunk driver.