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In addition to a desire to do things my own way, one of the driving forces for my decision to start my own practice was a desire to practice in entertainment law.  Before starting my own practice I was unable to use my connections and experience in the music industry as part of my practice.  Entering law school I knew one day I would also practice in entertainment law, an area of law that is woefully under-represented outside of Los Angeles or New York.

In just a short period of time, I have established myself as the go-to guy in Rhode Island and Massachusetts for entertainment law representation.  I have worked with some of the biggest artists and on some of the biggest projects currently under going in New England.  I have also worked with national and international artists.  A small sample of my music clients include: AraabMUZIK, Tourniquet, DJ Break, Jenna Sousa, Eloquent, Big Noise, and about a hundred more.

The need for an entertainment attorney in Rhode Island and Massachusetts was so strong that I quickly expanded my practice to include film and television.  Thanks to the Rhode Island Film Tax Credit, this area has been a recent hotbed for filming activity and I am proud to have worked on a number of recent projects.  I have worked on a number of films as lead counsel in the past year from ultra-low budget to full budget wide release pictures.  In addition, I am currently working as lead counsel for three television projects currently in development.

I have represented actors, models, screenwriters, literary writers and just about every person to fall under the umbrella of "entertainer". 

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Although I am licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I can represent clients anywhere in the world because the language of entertainment contracts is generally the same across the globe.  To that end, I currently represent Artists in San Antonio, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Florida, Atlanta, San Francisco to name a few and also a metal band based out of Munich, Germany and a filmmaker based out of Rome, Italy.

I understand that for most artists starting out, an attorney can be quite expensive.  For that reason, I keep my hourly rate reasonable and try to work with everyone.  Every million selling artist started in a garage at a one time and I'm ready to take the ride with you.  In addition, to reasonable hourly rates I have a couple of package opportunities that might benefit you.

For one, I have the "Contract Review Special".  For a one time flat fee of $500 I will thoroughly review any contract (in any medium) for you.  I will then write a very detailed opinion letter translating the language from "legalese" to average English so that you know exactly what you are signing.  I will inform you of points that I think are a problem, as well as provisions that I think are favorable.  I will suggest changes and opportunities for negotiation and will tell you to "run" if necessary.  If you like, we can also discuss my office proceeding with the negotiations on your behalf.

Second, in some limited circumstances, I will take on clients on a contingent fee basis.  Much like personal injury cases, this means that you will not have to pay me hourly or come up with a retainer.  Rather, I will work for free and then take a percentage of future revenue generated.

Please take the time to look through the pages on my website for each and every area of the entertainment field.  Whether artist, record label, production company, actor, film producer or theater group, I can assist you with all of your legal needs.
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