Fall River, Massachusetts

Fall River, Massachusetts, is a historical City with just under 100,000 residents making it one of the largest cities in Massachusetts.  Fall River was a thriving City during the industrial revolution and was officially incorporated in 1854.  At one time Fall River's textile mills were producing at a volume competing with the largest mills in the world.  Among Fall River's many claims to fame… it can boast that it is the only City in America which has a City Hall located directly over an interstate highway!

Having begun my career in Boston, I currently maintain a license to practice in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  In fact, many of my clients come from Fall River, Massachusetts whether injured in an accident in their hometown or while visiting or working in neighboring Rhode Island.  Fall River also boasts one of the largest Portuguese populations outside of Portugal itself.  Our office has a Portuguese translator if you or a family member needs assistance communicating with your attorney.

Despite being border States, the laws of Rhode Island and Massachusetts are quite different in a variety of ways.  I have worked in both States and know what it takes to obtain the best result whether in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.  If you have been injured in any kind of accident: auto accident, motorcycle accident, dog bite, slip and fall or medical malpractice - contact my office right away for a free initial consultation.  Time is of the essence following an injury and your best opportunity at protecting your rights is by speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney right away.

My office in Providence is only about 15 miles from Fall River and easily accessible from Route 195.  If you are unable to make the drive into Providence, I am happy to meet you at your home, hospital, or place of work to discuss your case.