Film Proposals

Let's assume that you have a great idea for a film project… Maybe you have a screenplay, maybe you have formed a production company, and if you're lucky you may even know a few cast and crew to help make your dream a reality.  Congratulations - you're on your way to being a producer.  But unless your independently wealthy, your great idea and newly formed production company is essentially worthless.

Funding is absolutely essential from micro-budget films and shorts to mid range and high budget feature films.  Even filmmakers with experience and prior credentials can find it difficult to obtain the necessary funding to make their dream a reality.  The next step, and arguably the most important, is to draft a film proposal.

A film proposal is a multi-layered product.  It is an outline of your vision, a business plan and a sales pitch all in one.  Ultimately, you are explaining to potential investors why they should invest their money in your film.  Without a properly crafted and well thought out film proposal you might as well buy lottery tickets in a hope of funding your film.

Some of the most important components of a successful film proposal include:

  • The synopsis;
  • Budget (the more specifically detailed the better to potential investors);
  • Biographies of cast and crew;
  • Potential audience and comparable films;
  • Distribution plans;
  • Proposal for investment income and return.

These above are just a few things and not all film proposals are identical.  They should be carefully drafted to cater to your potential investors while considering the type of project that you intend working on.  A documentary will have a quite different film proposal from a horror film.  While there are some templates available online and you can buy them for small money - it is not the same as having an experienced attorney help you draft and construct your film proposal.

I have written many film proposals for my clients and have helped turn many would be projects into reality.  Hiring my firm to assist you with your film proposal will ensure that you not only have an attorney looking out for your legal interests, but someone to help you properly word and execute your business plan for the best possible result, namely investment money to turn your dream into reality.