Fractures, or broken bones, are among the most common serious injuries that occur in auto or motorcycle accidents.  Fractures are incredibly painful and always inconvenient because they take a high toll on your quality of life.  They range from minor hairline fractures, to open wounds and complete fractures that require surgery to repair.  An open wound will also leave you with a significant scar regardless of how quickly or how well the fracture healed.

If you suffered a fracture in a car crash or other type of accident you may be entitled to significant compensation including, but not limited to:
  •  Past and future medical bills
  •  Lost wages and/or loss of earning capacity
  •  Pain and suffering
  •  Compensation for scarring
  •  Future compensation for a permanent disability

The pain and suffering with a fracture can be quite significant if you hire the right attorney.  If you require surgery and/or you are limited for several months because of a cast, your life is seriously disrupted for many months.  In addition, most fractures will create permanent scars.  Surgeries often require the placement of hardware that can cause occasional pain throughout your life or which will require a second painful surgery for the removal of the hardware.

The most common fractures in accident claims are:

  •  Broken leg - The Tibia/Fibia and in serious accidents, the Femur
  •  Broken arm - The Ulna/Radius and the Humerus
  •  Broken Shoulder
  •  Broken Ribs
  •  Broken Sternum
  •  Broken Hip
  •  Broken Pelvis
  •  Broken Ankle
  •  Broken back - fractured vertebrae

Broken Legs

Head on collisions are a frequent cause of broken ankles and broken leg bones.  Our legs are the most forward part of our body and therefore the closest to the point of impact.  As a result, our legs generally absorb much of the energy created in the car accident.  Furthermore, it is human nature to react to a pending collision by straightening our legs and slamming on the brakes.  Unfortunately, this rigid position can make the legs more likely to fracture.  Broken legs also frequently occur in motorcycle accidents and slip and falls.  Leg fractures always require lengthy and difficult rehabilitation and are likely to have permanent or long lasting effects.

Fractured Pelvis

A broken pelvis, or acetabulum fracture, is not an uncommon injury following a very serious car accident.  Particularly in accidents where the vehicle was T-boned (hit directly in the driver or passenger door) the victim seated by that door may suffer serious injuries including a fractured pelvis.  A fractured pelvis is generally confirmed by X-ray and usually requires surgery for repair to realign the bones.  These injuries are incredibly painful and severely limit your daily activities until healed.  Generally, prognosis for recovery is good but in very serious cases, a permanent limp may result.

Broken Ribs

Fractured ribs are probably the most common fractured bone in the body following an accident.  Broken ribs can occur in a slip and fall and frequently occur in auto accidents.  Sometimes airbag deployment alone is enough to fracture a rib if the person is seated close to the dashboard.  Fractured ribs are incredibly painful but often heal without the need for surgery.  In some severe cases, a fractured rib can lead to a pneumothorax or punctured lung.  This is also a very serious condition that is caused (on some occasions) when the fractured lung is pushed into the lung tissue causing damage.