Hit and Run Auto Accidents

A Hit and Run accident occurs when the at-fault driver flees the scene of an auto accident without waiting to speak to you or the police.  There are a few reasons why people typically run from a car crash: 1) They are uninsured; 2) They are drunk; 3) The car is stolen; 4) They simply panic and leave the scene.  If you are injured in a hit and run accident, it is absolutely imperative that you speak to an experienced Rhode Island auto accident attorney to protect your rights.  

Following a hit and run accident, try to do the following, if and only if, you are physically able.  Call the police and give them a statement detailing how the accident occurred.  Be sure to give them all of the identifying information that you can recall so that they may find the at-fault driver.  This information can include vehicle make, model, color, a partial license plate, etc.  Try to take pictures of the scene and look for witnesses who can help corroborate your story.  Get checked out at a hospital and call a Rhode Island hit and run accident attorney.

The best case scenario is that the police are able to locate and identify the at-fault driver.  In this scenario you can proceed through the at-fault driver's insurance just like any ordinary car accident claim.  

If the at-fault driver gets away with his crime and is never found following the hit and run accident, you can still proceed with your bodily injury claim through your uninsured motorist coverage (if you carry this coverage on your policy).  Your insurance company will take the place of the at-fault driver and you are entitled to personal injury damages including: current and future medical bills; lost wages and future lost earning potential; and, pain and suffering.