Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents are probably (along with rear-end accidents) the most common type of auto accident.  An intersection accident occurs where two or more roads meet and converge in different directions.  Traffic controls such as stop signs, yield signs and traffic control lights are usually in place to prevent accidents, but are often ignored, unseen, or ineffective.

If one driver ignores or does not see a stop sign or red or yellow light, their negligence can cause a serious accident with the other driver who has the right of way.   These accidents can be complex for two reasons: 1) the injuries, depending on the speed of the vehicles and the point of impact can be quite severe; and 2) liability can be in doubt.


Some of the most serious auto accident injuries occur in so called "T-bone" accidents in which the front end of one vehicle drives into the driver side door of the other vehicle.  Because there is relatively little protection in the driver side door and because the front end of the at-fault vehicle is so close to the driver of the other vehicle, serious injuries and even death can occur from these T-bone accidents.  


If only one driver has a stop sign or traffic control then it is quite easy to see who was at fault because only one driver could possibly have the right of way. However, if both vehicles had a stop sign or the intersection was controlled by traffic lights, it is quite possible that both drivers will claim to have had the right of way.  Very few people will openly admit fault at an accident scene.  Therefore, if there are no eyewitnesses to the accident, both sides may claim the other side is at fault leading to a stalemate.  Generally, insurance companies will offer 50% in settlement because of the difficulty proving fault.

50% liability is not good enough for my clients.  If you do not have collision coverage what will you do with only half the payment for damages to your vehicle.  Similarly, 50% of your bodily injury claim can not adequately pay your medical bills and compensate you for pain and suffering.  When faced with disputed liability in an intersection claim, my office has worked with accident deconstructionists to help establish how the accident occurred.  We can also canvas the scene for witnesses and conduct a thorough liability investigation.