License Agreements

Licensing music, in any number of forms, is one of the best ways for musicians and songwriters to earn money.  The licensor (the band) grants to the licensee permission to record, broadcast, re-create, or perform a work protected by copyright.  Of course, the licensee pays the songwriter a fee or royalties, in exchange for the right to use that protected material.  The songwriter does not necessarily give up any of his or her ownership or copyright in the song.

Songs may be licensed for a number of various uses:
•    Movies, Television Shows, commercials and/or documentaries
•    Video Games
•    Use on a compilation CD

License agreements vary widely and can be tailored to your specific needs.  Every aspect from duration of the license, permissible use of the song, and most importantly the amount received for the license, can be negotiated.  The financial value of a license agreement can vary widely from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands.  Also, the license agreement can be exclusive (song can not be licensed to anyone else for any other purpose) or non-exclusive, and can even be arranged to be royalty free.

Because license agreements are so flexible, no two contracts are alike.  Therefore, it is imperative that you let an experienced attorney negotiate and create your license agreement.  My office can prepare license agreements on behalf of either the buyer or the seller (the musician).  
If you have been approached by a business looking to use your song for commercial purposes, or if you are a business looking to license a musician’s song, contact our office to help you work through the entire process.