Multiple Vehicle Auto Accidents

Car accidents become increasingly complex anytime more than 2 vehicles are involved.  The more cars that pile into the mix, the more complicated and difficult the case can become.  If you have been injured in a multiple vehicle accident, it is in your best interest to hire a Rhode Island auto accident attorney.  

The reason that these cases are more complex is because liability is more difficult to determine.  In a two vehicle collision it is easier to determine fault because one car rear-ended the other, or one car ran the stop sign, etc.  In a multiple vehicle pile-up liability gets clouded.

 * Who hit who? And when?
 * Who started the chain of events?
 * Was one vehicle hit multiple times?
 * Are you both at-fault (for one impact) and not at fault (for a second impact?)
 * What traffic signs or controls were in effect, and for whom?

You need to speak to a Rhode Island personal injury attorney who is experienced with auto accidents and able to tackle difficult liability decisions to insure that you are compensated for your injuries.  Like any ordinary car accident, you are entitled to: medical bills, property damage repair, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  So long as liability is in doubt, however, you are unlikely to be fairly compensated.

In addition to liability, insurance coverages can become complicated in multiple vehicle accidents.  Is more than one driver responsible for your damages? How will the insurance company divide the costs? Are you both at-fault and not at-fault? What happens if one car is responsible for everyone's damages and does not have enough auto liability insurance?

Regardless of how the pile-up began: on the highway, as a rear-end pile-up, in snow or ice, at an intersection, or caused by a drunk driver, you need to speak to a Rhode Island auto accident attorney to discuss your rights.