Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island is one of the most historic towns in the entire Country.  Its beauty, proximity to the ocean, and long storied history brings hundreds of thousands of visitors and tourists each summer.  It is located on Aquidneck Island in Rhode Island and is the location for many historic homes owned by celebrities and titans of industry.  First incorporated in 1639, Newport stood as the seat of power in Rhode Island for centuries.

I've travelled extensively through Europe and South America and I can honestly say that nothing is quite as beautiful as Newport.  We Rhode Islanders are very fortunate to have such a lovely town so close to us.  Many tourists each year, particularly in the summer, flock to Newport each year to visit this beautiful town.  Unfortunately, some visitors and tourists are injured while on vacation in auto accidents, boating accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, among others.   A number of distractions in Newport lead to an increased number of accidents in the summer: increased number of cars from tourists, visitors biking along the streets, the Towns natural beauty, and the high number of tourists walking up and down the streets.

I have represented many such tourists who live outside of Rhode Island but need an experienced Rhode Island personal injury attorney to handle their local case.  Representing clients long distance is never a problem.  Skype, email, fax and regular mail is always sufficient for me to properly represent your case in Newport, Rhode Island.  If your accident was very serious I may under some circumstances travel to your home out of state to meet with you to discuss and prepare your case.  Remember that the proper jurisdiction for an accident claim is the location where the accident occurred so even if you live thousands of miles away, you will need to hire a Newport, Rhode Island attorney to represent you.

If you are a resident of Newport, I will be happy to come to you and discuss your case.  My office is located in downtown Providence, a short drive from Newport.  If you or a friend or loved one was injured in an accident in Newport, RI call my office for a free consultation.  There is never any fee until I obtain money for you.