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Liquor Liability

Liquor Liability Lawyer in Cranston

Serving Clients Throughout Rhode Island

Dram shop (liquor) liability laws allow a victim injured by an intoxicated person to bring a lawsuit against the venue which contributed to that intoxication. The most common example of dram shop liability stems from auto accidents caused by drunk driving. The reasoning behind the law is that venues which profit from the selling of a dangerous product should be held responsible when the end result of their sale is a serious injury.

If you or a loved one was injured in a DUI accident or other accident caused by an intoxicated individual, we can help you understand your options. Our Cranston liquor liability lawyer has an in-depth understanding of this complex area of law and can help you determine whether or not you have a case. In every instance, we fight for the rights of our clients, working to recover the maximum compensation they are owed for their injuries, pain, and suffering.

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The Rhode Island Liquor Liability Act

R.I.G.L. § 3-14-6(a) makes a defendant liable for ANY damages caused by a minor who was intoxicated at the defendant’s venue. This harsh law is justified by the fact that it is illegal for minors, under 21, to drink alcohol and it is the venue’s responsibility to ensure that minors are not served alcoholic beverages.

R.I.G.L. § 3-14-6(b) describes the more common scenario. A defendant is responsible for the actions and damages of a person to whom the venue served alcohol even though it knew or should have known that the person was intoxicated.

Of course, those injured in an auto accident by a drunk driver can still make a claim against the driver’s insurance company. Liquor liability laws, however, make the negligent bar, restaurant, or another venue, liable for damages as well. This is particularly important if the injuries are severe and the drunk driver carries only the state minimum in insurance.

Liquor liability is not limited to auto accidents either. If the venue negligently serves alcohol to an already intoxicated person who then starts a fist fight with another patron, that victim may be able to sue the venue for the injuries sustained.

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If you believe you may have a dram shop liability case, contact our Cranston liquor liability lawyer for a free consultation. We take the time to discuss the details of your unique situation before devising a plan of action tailored to your needs and goals. Throughout the process, we provide aggressive advocacy and uncompromising legal representation you can rely on. While compensation cannot negate the pain and suffering you have been through, it can help with the associated damages, including medical expenses, lost income, physical pain, emotional distress, ongoing care, and more.

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When harmed by another's negligence, the responsible party immediately needs to be held accountable for their actions. Don't allow them to get away with not contributing to your recovery, or not having their insurance company pitch in to compensate for medical and repair expenses. Nothing stops the Law Office of Joseph Lamy from pursuing justice on your behalf when you entrust us to see your claim through.

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