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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Cranston

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Accidents involving pedestrians are among the most serious auto accidents that can occur. Even a low impact auto accident can cause serious bodily injury to an unprotected pedestrian. The National Highway Traffic Association reports that over 64,000 pedestrians are injured in auto accidents each year and over 5,000 pedestrians are killed by motor vehicles.

If you were injured or your loved one was killed in a pedestrian accident, our firm can help. At The Law Office of Joseph Lamy, we aggressively advocate for the rights of injured individuals and their families throughout Rhode Island. No matter how complex or difficult your case may be, our Cranston pedestrian accident attorney is prepared to help you navigate the legal process from start to finish.

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How Do Driver Mistakes Lead to Pedestrian Accidents?

In many ways, pedestrians can avoid their own injuries by taking due care. This means looking both directions before crossing, using crosswalks, and obeying traffic controls. Too often, however, even a careful pedestrian can be struck by a motor vehicle.

Drivers make many mistakes on the road that can cause danger to passing pedestrians, including:

  • Disregarding a traffic device: When drivers ignore or fail to see a red light or stop sign they may strike a pedestrian crossing with the right of way.
  • Passing a school bus: If a driver illegally passes a school bus, it can result in a serious accident and extensive injury.
  • Disregarding or failing to acknowledge a crosswalk: Drivers may fail to recognize crosswalks, especially in heavily trafficked areas or shopping centers.
  • Driving under the influence: Intoxicated drivers are less likely to notice pedestrians, or may fail to stop in time to avoid a collision.
  • Ignoring or failing to see a pedestrian already in the roadway: Pedestrians always have the right of way, yet often, drivers fail to yield to individuals on foot.
  • Passing another vehicle: State law allows drivers to pass another vehicle only in limited circumstances, and a driver may be at fault if he tries to pass another vehicle when it is unsafe to do so.

Injuries that Result from Pedestrian Accidents

Because of the force of impact, pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents result in very serious injury.

Common injuries that occur include:

  • Fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Scarring
  • Sprains/strains
  • Death

A pedestrian-motor vehicle accident is a traumatic and potentially life-altering event which can result in serious personal injury. Insurance companies recognize the distinction between pedestrian cases and ordinary auto accidents; make sure that you hire a pedestrian accident attorney in Cranston who also recognizes this distinction.

Trust Your Case to The Law Office of Joseph Lamy

Our office has a great deal of experience handling pedestrian-auto accidents. We are available 24/7 to assist you—our Cranston pedestrian accident attorney even provides his clients with his personal cell phone number so that they can always get in touch with him with any questions or concerns they may have. We understand what a difficult time this is, which is why we offer compassionate, personalized legal counsel and unwavering support.

Schedule your complimentary case evaluation with The Law Office of Joseph Lamy today. Call (401) 244-7433 to get started.

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When harmed by another's negligence, the responsible party immediately needs to be held accountable for their actions. Don't allow them to get away with not contributing to your recovery, or not having their insurance company pitch in to compensate for medical and repair expenses. Nothing stops the Law Office of Joseph Lamy from pursuing justice on your behalf when you entrust us to see your claim through.

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