Product Recalls

A recalled item can often result in a product liability claim.  Products are recalled, sometimes voluntarily by the company that manufactured the product, or by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is responsible for keeping defective products away from the public.  A product is usually recalled because it poses a serious or unforeseen threat to the general public.  Safe, everyday items are occasionally manufactured with a defect making the product potentially dangerous.

Any product can be subject to a recall but there are a few categories of products that are recalled more than others:

Children's Products

Children’s products are often the subject of voluntary recalls.  Toys, car seats, clothing, cribs, strollers, and high chairs have all been subject to recall.  The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission lists on their website hundreds of recalls for children items.  Many children's product recalls make national headlines, but many do not.  Depending on the defective product, injuries can range from minor burns and cuts, to amputations, and even death.

Cars, Auto Parts, and Auto Accessories

When it comes to product recalls, the automobile industry is the undisputed king.  Millions of cars are recalled every year for varying problems ranging from the very minor to the very serious.  The automotive defect can often result in serious and fatal car accidents.  This year, in particular, with the Toyota acceleration scare, the public has become extremely aware of the dangers of a defective product within a vehicle.  

Some of the potentially fatal flaws in an automobile (whether recalled or not) include:

    •    driver losing control of the car (i.e. Toyota acceleration cases)
    •    brake failure
    •    air bag deployment failure
    •    electrical problems leading to fire
    •    seatbelt failure
    •    Tire failure
    •    SUV rollovers (a design defect that made certain early SUVs very likely to rollover)
    •    any other mechanical malfunction that leads to an auto accident