Many serious personal injuries result in permanent and long-lasting effects, but few permanent injuries are as obvious as a scar.  Scarring, whether caused in a car accident, slip and fall, motorcycle accident, dog bite or other accident is a very serious and emotionally traumatic injury.  Scarring claims require an experienced personal injury attorney to obtain fair value.

Scars range from the relatively minor (a couple of stitches) to the extremely large (several inches or more) and can be located on any part of the body depending on the circumstances of the accident and injury.  Also, some people heal from scars better than others.  For these reasons, and a few others, scarring claims are difficult to fairly value.  Other considerations that juries and insurance companies consider when valuing a scar claim are: age of the person, sex, marital status, visibility and the general appearance of the person prior to the scar.  While it may not seem fair a single attractive young female will likely receive more for the same scar sustained by a married older tattooed male.  

If you have been scarred in an accident you may or may not undergo cosmetic surgery (depending on the appearance or nature of the scar, health insurance and other considerations you may not opt for cosmetic surgery).  If you undergo cosmetic surgery the at-fault party will owe for you the costs of the surgery and the pain and suffering of undergoing such a procedure as well as any residual scar not fully healed in surgery.  If you do not undergo cosmetic surgery, you will receive compensation for the permanent scar.  Generally before negotiations begin you will have to wait 6-12 months because it takes this long for a scar to fully heal.  Once it is clear that the scar has reached maximum medical improvement a demand can be made on the insurance company.  As with all large losses, however, a serious scar is likely to require litigation to receive full and fair compensation.