Testimonials and Results

I understand that you have a lot of choices when deciding on an attorney for your personal injury case.  I also understand that results and the testimony of your friends and neighbors can speak volumes.  To that end, I have added this page of testimonials to my website. 

From Adam G. (Warwick, RI) a motorcycle accident client:

"I am so grateful to you Joe... Not only was I thrilled with the amount of money that I received in my settlement but I never thought that I would receive it so quick and without filing a lawsuit!  You're the best!"

This is from an unsolicited email that my client Serena C. (Boston, MA) sent after discovering that we settled for the policy limits of ($100,000)Several months earlier the insurance company offered her $20,000.  She hired me and we filed suit.  Settlement for the policy limits came a few months later:

"OMG!!!!!!!!!! You're the best!!!!  This is unbelievable"

From Melissa H. (East Providence, RI) an auto accident client:

"Joe was a wonderful surprise.  I had a personal injury attorney after a very bad accident in which I broke my arm.  My life was turned upside down for almost a year and I thought I had a big case.  My prior attorney would not return my calls, would not inform me what was going on in my case, and treated me as if I was unimportant.  I called Joe's office to see if it was possible to switch attorneys and he told me that yes, he would pay my old attorney's bill so I could switch.  When I first met with Joe he gave me a business card with his cell phone number on it!  I went from never being able to reach my attorney to having my new attorney's personal cell.  Joe kept me in the loop and settled for a very fair amount only a few months after my hiring him.  I referred my mom to him a few months later when she was in a car accident.  Thanks!"

This is from an unsolicited thank you card that my client Luz T. (Cranston, RI) sent to me following settlement of her botched cosmetic surgery (medical malpractice) claim:

"It is nice to know there are people like you out there... I can never thank you enough."

From John C. (East Providence, RI) an auto accident client:

"I called Joe after the insurance company tried to blame me for 25% of the accident.  I knew it was wrong but I didn't know what to do.  They deducted 25% of the damages to my car and said that they would make a similar deduction to my personal injury claim.  A few months after hiring Joe we took the case to arbitration and won.  Joe successfully convinced the arbitrator that I did nothing wrong and I received 100% of the value of my car and obtained a great personal injury settlement."

From Roberto R. (Providence, RI) in an unsolicited email following settlement of his slip and fall case:

"Your the best! Your my guy from now on and I'm telling everyone"

From Steve C. (Johnston, RI) an auto accident client:

"Joseph is an excellent attorney that has been handling everything for the accident I was involved in. Joe has a great understanding of the auto accident process and he was able to explain it to me in a way that I understood.  To this point, everything that Joe explained to me has happened according to plan.  I have found Joe to be extremely knowledgeable and honest, and would highly recommend him to anyone."

From an unsolicited email from client Lindsay F. (Providence, RI) a dog bite victim:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

From Justine D. (Newport, RI) an auto accident client:

"Joe asked me what I wanted in settlement during one of our meetings.  I told him I wanted my medical bills paid (about $12,000) and I wanted $10,000 in my pocket.  We just settled for $100,000!  I never thought my case was worth that much.  Thank you so much Joe"

From Timothy D. (Plymouth, MA) an auto accident client:

"I was in a terrible auto accident breaking both my leg and pelvis.  I was laid up for weeks in a hospital and then had a long rehab at home.  A friend recommended Joe to me and he drove all the way to Plymouth to see me because I couldn't drive.  After he took my case he called me often so I knew what was going on and we just settled for nearly $200,000."

From Maria S. (Fall River, MA) an auto accident client:

"I never thought an attorney would give you his personal cell phone number - and go ahead and call him on a Saturday afternoon cause he'll answer the phone and won't be mad."