Many musicians and bands which perform under a stage name or band name wait until they reach some degree of notoriety or success before giving serious consideration to registering their name as a trademark.  This is a mistake and one that can easily and affordably be avoided.

With trademarks, time is the most essential factor.  Any band or musician is required to prove that they were using that trademark first.  If you wait until you reach some level of notoriety, it can be devastating to later find out that some other musical act a thousand miles away has the legal right to your band name.  The time to trademark your stage or band name is now.

Federal registration is the easiest and most sure way of proving that you utilized the trademark first.  My office can conduct a detailed search to ensure that your trademark is not already utilized and then process the entire claim for you.  It is a relatively quick and easy process that is less expensive than you might think.  It is certainly less expensive than either a costly Court battle to determine ownership of a trademark, or losing your name after several years of building your fan base and reputation.

So if you are serious about your music career, contact my office right away to ensure that your name and reputation is secure.