Why Hire Joseph Lamy

There are dozens of personal injury attorneys in Rhode Island and Massachusetts that you can call when hurt in an accident. Furthermore, every Attorney offers free consultations and “no fee unless successful” agreements. So it begs the question, why hire Attorney Joseph Lamy? This is a good question, and one not to be taken lightly if you or a loved one has been hurt through the negligence of another.

Like most personal injury attorneys, my office offers a free consultation and takes no fee unless successful. But there are several factors that set my office apart:

Former Insurance Adjuster

I have years of experience as a personal injury adjuster for a major insurance company. Knowing the thought process of a defense firm and/or insurance company is invaluable. Many personal injury attorneys spend thousands of dollars on books and seminars to learn how insurance companies value claims. I have that knowledge in abundance and can use it to obtain the best possible results for you.

I speak from experience in saying that insurance companies do not want you to hire an attorney because they know that settlements with unrepresented victims are thousands of dollars less than attorney negotiated settlements. The more severe the injury, the more essential it is to have an attorney looking out for your best interest.

I can tell horror stories of “low-ball” offers made to seriously injured persons. Insurance companies know that an unrepresented victim does not understand his or her rights and will often take whatever money is offered because he or she can not afford to wait. Often unrepresented plaintiffs do not realize that the offer being made to them is far less than their injury is actually worth.

Open Communication

I have spoken to hundreds of people including friends, family, and current and past clients regarding their experiences with attorneys. Certain complaints were heard several times and seemed universal. Clients found that other attorneys did not return phone calls, did not directly handle the claim, and were otherwise inattentive.

I can assure you that this is not the experience for my clients.

a) I handle the entire claim from the moment you call on the phone.

b) I respond to all emails within 24 hours.

c) MOST IMPORTANTLY, my clients have my cell phone number!

No other attorney is willing to make him or herself available to this extent. I understand that following an accident, your life is upside down. If you are hurt and out of work the bills may be difficult to pay, medical bills pile up, and questions are plentiful. My clients are confident that I am always there to answer their questions.

The Right Choice

I am an attentive, aggressive attorney with experience in the insurance industry. I am also a graduate of a top tier law school and trained by some of the best personal injury attorneys in New England. Please see my detailed biography for further information.