Cranston Bus Accident injures several students

A Cranston school bus veered off the road yesterday in a single vehicle accident. Approximately 13 children were on board the bus when the accident occurred and while they did not initially complain of injury, many students went to urgent care facilities or hospitals in the evening with complaints of pain. Apparently, the police or bus driver did not feel it necessary to call an ambulance to the scene. I find this very surprising. Even if the accident was not terribly bad and no child immediately complained of pain, isn’t precaution the better option here? A child can’t be expected to make important health decisions at the scene.

The cause of this school bus accident is still unknown. This particular bus was not a city bus but rather a school bus outsourced to First Student, a private corporation. has reported that the driver was wearing a blue tooth headset in her ears which is absolutely prohibited. The driver claims to have hit a patch of sand which caused her to veer but a witness directly behind the bus indicated that the bus made no evasive maneuvers or attempts to avoid the accident. I am certain that the police will be taking a close look at this drivers cell phone records to see if it was in use at the time of the incident.

School bus accidents can be particularly dangerous to children because they are not buckled and they do not have the added protection of airbags. Often children are standing or turned around in their seats which can cause dangerous and uncertain falls when a school bus collides with another object or runs off the road. Luckily, in this instance, it appears none of the injuries are serious.

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