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The Testimony Of Your Friends And Neighbors Can Speak Volumes

Our firm finds great satisfaction in offering a helping hand for Rhode Island and Massachusetts injury victims hit with hefty medical bills, massive repair expenses, and physical pain and suffering. As a result of helping our past clients obtain maximum compensation, The Law Offices of Joseph Lamy has proudly contributed to their recoveries, as well as their futures.

I Can Never Thank You Enough

“It is nice to know there are people like you out there. I can never thank you enough.”

– Luz T.

You’re the Best!

“I am so grateful to you Joe. Not only was I thrilled with the amount of money that I received in my settlement but I never thought that I would receive it so quick and without filing a lawsuit! You’re the best!”

– Adam G.

Joe did a Fantastic Job for Me

“I was hit by a drunk driver and t-boned. I broke my ankle. I did not immediately hire an attorney and worked with the insurance adjuster directly. After a year of this, the adjuster only offered me $22,000. I felt this was too low and talked to Joe. He agreed that it was too low and told me to file suit. About a year after filing suit, the insurance company offered the limits of their policy – $100,000!”

– Christina

I’m Very Happy to Recommend Joe

“I’m very happy to recommend Joe. I had a accident in 2007 with a different lawyer. I had another accident late last year (2013) and I hired Joe. Both times I sustained whiplash and required physical therapy. We just settled last week and Joe got me almost twice what I received for the other accident.”

– Michael

I Never Thought an Attorney Would Give You His Personal Cell Phone Number

“I never thought an attorney would give you his personal cell phone number – and if you call him on a Saturday afternoon, he’ll answer the phone and won’t be mad.”

– Maria S.

We Recommend Joe to Everyone for Any and All Types of Legal Services

“Joseph Lamy is one of the most professional and thorough attorneys we have ever worked with. He has been a champion for our firm whenever a legal issue has come up, and has triumphed for us each and every time. His steady nature has been reassuring when a problem arose where we needed his hand and assistance. As well as providing great legal advice and being a tenacious advocate, he is a great listener and team player. We recommend Joe to everyone for any and all types of legal services. He is a true professional.”

– Al G.

I Never Thought My Case was Worth That Much

“Joe asked me what I wanted in settlement during one of our meetings. I told him I wanted my medical bills paid (about $12,000) and I wanted $10,000 in my pocket. We just settled for $100,000! I never thought my case was worth that much. Thank you so much Joe.”

– Justine D.

He Knew the Industry and Had Personal Experience with Many Insurance Companies

“I had a good experience with Joe. He knew the industry and had personal experience with many insurance companies. He was up front about everything. These things take time to resolve so it’s not uncommon to go a month without talking about it.”

– Anonymous

I Called Attorney Lamy and Asked if He Would be Willing to Take My Case. I am so Glad That…

“I was in a car accident and went to a different attorney. I was very frustrated and upset because my attorney would never answer my calls or tell me what was going on with my case. After seven months like this, I told my old attorney I was leaving. I called Attorney Lamy and asked if he would be willing to take my case. I am so glad that…”

– Ryan

I Have Found Joe to be Extremely Knowledgeable and Honest, and Would Highly Recommend Him to Anyone

“Joseph is an excellent attorney that has been handling everything for the accident I was involved in. Joe has a great understanding of the auto accident process and he was able to explain it to me in a way that I understood. To this point, everything that Joe explained to me has happened according to plan. I have found Joe to be extremely knowledgeable and honest, and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

– Steve C.

He is One of the Most Professional and Thorough Attorneys I Have Ever Met

“After my accident, the insurance adjuster was so rude; I just didn’t want to deal. That’s saying a lot from someone who works in the insurance industry. I hired Joe, as he came highly recommended. He is one of the most professional and thorough attorneys I have ever met. He truly cares about his clients. He kept me informed throughout the process. I was very pleased with my settlement and I highly recommend Joe to everyone in need of a lawyer after an accident. He is a true professional!”

– Joann

I Would Certainly Recommend Attorney Lamy to Anyone I Know Who was in Need of Legal Counsel

“Attorney Lamy answered my initial inquiry personally. He was very attentive and made himself available throughout the course of my case. He kept me informed and up to date and made sure I understood the whole process. I would certainly recommend Attorney Lamy to anyone I know who was in need of legal counsel.”

– Alex Doumato

Joe was a Wonderful Surprise

“Joe was a wonderful surprise. I had a personal injury attorney after a very bad accident in which I broke my arm. My life was turned upside down for almost a year and I thought I had a big case. My prior attorney would not return my calls, would not inform me what was going on in my case, and treated me as if I was unimportant. I called Joe’s office to see if it was possible to switch attorneys and he told me that yes, he would pay my old attorney’s bill so I could switch. When I first met with Joe he gave me a business card with his cell phone number on it! I went from never being able to reach my attorney to having my new attorney’s personal cell. Joe kept me in the loop and settled for a very fair amount only a few months after my hiring him. I referred my mom to him a few months later when she was in a car accident. Thanks!”

– Melissa H.

I Couldn’t be More Grateful to Him for His Expertise

“I couldn’t be more grateful to him for his expertise. Throughout the process, he has explained things in a clear, easy to understand way (super helpful and appreciated since, like most people, I’m not fluent in legalese!) and has gone way out of his way to make me feel comfortable and protected. He’s been lightning fast, and thorough in all his communications with me. I’ve always dreaded having to deal with a lawyer in any fashion, but Joe has been a total breath of fresh air and has challenged all the negative perceptions that I’ve always had of lawyers in general. I am so thankful that I discovered him. It makes me feel so at ease to know that I have someone I can completely trust and who is truly looking out for my best interests on my side!”

– Kaylee Greer

I Think Any One can Confidently Hire Joe to Take Their Case

“I was rear ended at a high rate of speed and my car was totaled. I did not have health insurance or collision coverage so I was afraid of medical bills and the loss of my car. Joe spent about 45 minutes with me and explained everything to me. I had a rental vehicle two days after the accident and my total loss was paid for about 2 weeks later. When my case settled, he negotiated my hospital bill with Lifespan since I didn’t have insurance and I paid far less than the total amount due. He and his staff kept me well informed and I was just really happy with the whole experience. I think any one can confidently hire Joe to take their case.”

– Kendra

Joe is an Excellent and Aggressive Attorney Who is Willing to do What is Necessary to Enforce His Clients’ Rights

“Joe is an excellent and aggressive attorney who is willing to do what is necessary to enforce his clients’ rights. I highly recommend Joe for anybody with a personal injury issue.”

– Thomas Enright

Joe was There for Me Every Step of the Way

“I’ve never dealt with lawyers before, until I was involved in an accident. I wasn’t sure if I even had a case, but I’ll tell you what, Joe was there for me every step of the way. He was open, honest and caring. He answered all my questions and was always there for me when I needed him. He ensured me he would take care of everything and not to worry, and he did! I couldn’t have asked for a better settlement or lawyer. He went above and beyond!!!!”

– Danny Sauro

Your the Best! Your My Guy from Now On and I’m Telling Everyone

“Your the best! Your my guy from now on and I’m telling everyone.”

– Roberto R.

He Continued to Council Me Until He was Satisfied That I Received a Fair Settlement

“I am a 70 yr. old female who has never been in an accident and had no idea of the procedure. I called Atty. Joseph Lamy on the phone, and he walked me through the process and made sure I knew exactly what to do. He stayed on the phone with me until the police arrived and continued to ask if I was OK physically, and if I needed any other help. He continued to council me until he was satisfied that I received a fair settlement. He was always available to me if I had any questions and if he was not available his staff was always ready to help in any way possible until he could get back to me personally. I would recommend him to any family member or friend that was in need of an attorney.”

– Marie P.

We Were Awarded Almost 3 Times What the Insurance Company Had Offered

“I suffered a lower back injury when my car was T-boned. Nothing broken and no surgery but it took a lot of rehab, cortisone injections and my doctor indicated I would never be the same. The insurance company made an offer that I thought was low but not too bad and I considered settling. Joe convinced me it was way too low and we went into binding arbitration. We were awarded almost 3 times what the insurance company had offered. I can’t ask for any more than that.”

– Jacob

He Settled the Case for an Amount That I Thought was Very Fair

“I was happy with my representation with Joe. I had never been in an accident before and was even hesitant to present a claim but my husband suggested that I contact a lawyer because of unpaid medical bills. A friend referred me to Joe. He explained everything to me at the beginning and I was grateful for that since it was all new to me. He settled the case for an amount that I thought was very fair. Having never been through this before I don’t really have a point of comparison, but I was quite satisfied with Joe’s performance.”

– Anonymous

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Lindsay F.

Joe Successfully Convinced the Arbitrator That I did Nothing Wrong and I Received 100% of the Value of My Car and Obtained a Great Personal Injury Settlement

“I called Joe after the insurance company tried to blame me for 25% of the accident. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t know what to do. They deducted 25% of the damages to my car and said that they would make a similar deduction to my personal injury claim. A few months after hiring Joe we took the case to arbitration and won. Joe successfully convinced the arbitrator that I did nothing wrong and I received 100% of the value of my car and obtained a great personal injury settlement.”

– John C.

After He Took My Case He Called Me Often so I Knew What Was Going on and We Just Settled for Nearly $200,000

“I was in a terrible auto accident breaking both my leg and pelvis. I was laid up for weeks in a hospital and then had a long rehab at home. A friend recommended Joe to me and he drove all the way to Plymouth to see me because I couldn’t drive. After he took my case he called me often so I knew what was going on and we just settled for nearly $200,000.”

– Timothy D.