Social Security Disability

All American workers pay into social security with each and every paycheck.  It is a system designed not only to help retirees, but also those who have been physically or mentally incapacitated and can no longer work.  

In order to be eligible for social security disability benefits (SSDI):
•    You must have paid into the social security system for a sufficient period of time;
•    You must have an injury (physical or mental) that is severe enough to keep you out of work for at least twelve consecutive months;
•    A doctor’s statement or opinion letter that you are disabled;
•    You are not capable of working at any job generally available in the State

It is important to remember, as this last element shows, the test for social security disability is not whether you can return to your prior job, but rather if you are capable of working at ANY job.

The social security office may often deny your claim and that is where an experienced attorney can assist you.  Do not become discouraged or disillusioned if your claim for social security disability benefits is denied.  Social security offices are swamped with requests for benefits and may fail to recognize the merit of your case.  That is why it is best to work with an attorney rather than try to go it alone.  We will work on your behalf to convince the social security office that you require and deserve SSDI benefits.  

My office works with individuals with prior experience in the social security office so I know exactly what it takes to be successful in these types of claims.  We know the causes for denial and approval of benefits and know how to secure the highest amount of benefits that are available to you.

Like other personal injury cases, if you work with our office to obtain social security disability benefits, there is no fee unless we are successful.  

If you meet the above criteria for eligibility and are looking for an attorney to help you with your social security disability claim, contact my office right away for a free consultation.