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Plaintiff Lawyers – The Answer to Foodborne Illnesses?

| Apr 27, 2009 | Uncategorized

The Editor of Forbes Magazine, William Baldwin, has suggested that plaintiff lawyers help protect the quality of the Nation’s food supply by bringing suits against companies who have slipped under the FDA radar. As he points out, food-borne illness sickens 76 million Americans per year, kills 5,000, and runs up $3 Billion in medical bills.

These statistics, coupled with numerous salmonella scares and constant questions about the quality of food products brought in from China, shows that the FDA is clearly overwhelmed and unable to protect our country from dangerous food products. A few high profile lawsuits with punitive damage awards, may be able to do what the FDA cannot.

As Mr. Baldwin points out, “genetic subtyping can make an unmistakable link from food to victim.” Such certainty prevents frivilous lawsuits and eliminates doubt in the minds of victims who may or may not have been sickened by the food they ate.

Food-borne illness can range from mild stomach pain to death. If you feel that you or a loved one has been the victim of food poisoning, contact our office for a free consultation.