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5th Wrong Site Surgery at Lifespan Hospital in 2 Years

| May 13, 2009 | Uncategorized

A surgeon at Hasbro Children’s Hospital began operating on the wrong part of a patients mouth before realizing the error and performing the required surgery on the appropriate area of the mouth. It is unclear what injuries the child may have suffered as a result of the mistake, but at the very least I am sure he will endure additional scarring and pain.

One would think that such mistakes are impossible, after all this is as obvious as medical malpractice gets, yet this is the fifth time that a surgeon at a Lifespan hospital has operated on the wrong part of the body in just the last two years. Following the investigation, the surgeon and surgical team has been placed on administrative leave.

UPDATE: On October 23, the Rhode Island Department of Health is reporting another incident of wrong site surgery at Rhode Island Hospital. Appears that it has happened again.