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Motorcycle Accidents and Injury Compensation

| Mar 17, 2010 | Motorcycle Accidents

We are a few short weeks from motorcycle season in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and it is impossible to avoid discussing the dangers of motorcycle riding. Motorcycle accidents are on the rise and because bikers are unprotected, the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are often incredibly serious. Motorcycle accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries, scarring, fractures, other permanent disabilities, and even death.

Motorcyclists are universally considered the highest risk motoring group accounting for 14% of all fatal traffic accidents. The Department of Transportation reported 96,000 injuries and over 5,000 crash deaths involving motorcycles. Of these reported injuries and deaths, the highest percentage occurred in head on collisions between motorcycles and vehicles.

Because of the severity of motorcycle accidents, it is imperative that you hire an attorney to represent your case. For one, liability determinations are often more complicated when a motorcycle is involved. An experienced motorcycle lawyer knows how to gather the necessary evidence and present it to the insurance company to prove liability against the other driver. Second, an experienced motorcycle attorney is necessary to help negotiate a fair settlement for your serious and potentially permanent injuries. The more serious the injury, the more difficult it often becomes to reach a fair settlement with the insurance company. You need an attorney who understands the full value of your case and is willing to go all the way to trial if necessary to obtain all of the money that you deserve.

While motorcycle accidents may be inevitable, it is imperative that riders do everything they can do to prevent serious injury. Wear helmets, obey the rules of the road, and keep an eye out for drivers. Motorcycle riders have to drive defensively because drivers of automobiles are not accustomed to keeping an eye out for motorcycle riders.

If and when an accident occurs, it is imperative that you not delay in contacting an experienced motorcycle lawyer.

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