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Settling Auto Accident Claims with Geico Insurance

| Apr 8, 2010 | Motorcycle Accidents

In recent years, Geico Insurance has become one of the leading insurer’s throughout the Country, including a strong foothold in Rhode Island. Their popularity has skyrocketed thanks to effective ad campaigns featuring the lovable English accented gecko and the highly civilized cavemen. Unfortunately, Geico is anything but lovable, friendly, or civilized when it comes to settling personal injury claims.

Geico Insurance has taken, a la Allstate, to making insultingly low offers without justification. Regardless of the injury sustained or the amount of damage to an automobile, Geico responds with a very low offer. I have often asked the adjuster how they arrive at such a low amount, only to hear that a computer gave them their negotiation range.

So why am I telling this to Rhode Island and Massachusetts accident victims? It is important to understand that if you are injured in an auto accident that was not your fault and the other driver is insured with Geico, you may need to file a lawsuit in order to receive fair compensation. For this reason, it is all the more important that you hire the right attorney when involved in an auto accident with a Geico insured driver.

Be sure that you speak with your attorney to discuss what amount you are looking for in settlement. If that amount is unobtainable in settlement be sure that your attorney is prepared to go to trial, if necessary. Geico Insurance is counting on the fact that most auto accident victims are unwilling to wait for a fair settlement and that most attorneys are unwilling to file suit following a car accidentmotorcycle accident, or ATV accident (Geico insures all three). Therefore, most of their unreasonable offers are accepted. My office now has the majority of it’s Geico cases headed to litigation.

Because Geico insures thousands of cars, motorcycles, and ATV’s in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, it is quite possible that the other driver or operator who caused your injuries is insured by Geico. As a former insurance adjuster myself, I am extremely capable of getting the highest offers out of insurance companies. When that is impossible, however, as it often is with Geico, I am ready, willing, and able to take your case to litigation. Many attorneys prefer to settle, even at a reduced amount, because it means less work for him or her. That is not how I practice law.

If you have been injured in a car accident or motorcycle accident, contact my office right away for a free consultation.