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Traumatically Induced Cataracts

| Mar 15, 2011 | Uncategorized

I do not often hear inquiries about traumatically induced cataracts, but I recently had a conversation with a fellow attorney who was speaking of a case he settled with traumatically induced cataracts. I thought that it was an interesting topic to write about and an injury that many might be unfamiliar with.

Traumatic cataracts can occur when the eye lens is damaged by blunt trauma or penetrating eye injury. Such an injury can occur in a car accident from the impact of the airbag or windshield and is particularly a danger for those who wear glasses. The glasses, or contact lens, can pierce the eye lens capsule which may eventually result in cataracts. Because of the severity of impact required for this type of injury, it will generally occur in very serious car accidents with significant injuries such as head trauma or facial lacerations.

Cataracts are a very serious disability that severely limits vision and often require surgery. If you have suffered this unique injury following a serious car accident, contact our office to discuss your status and a potential claim for damages.