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Motorcycle Accidents

| Jun 15, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

Today’s local news bring the tragic story of a young Coventry couple killed in a motorcycle accident following collision with another vehicle. While details are still scant at this moment, it is a bitter reminder of how dangerous riding bicycles and motorcycles can be. The warm weather has brought out cyclists of every kind and the accidents the come with them. Already this year, I have seen many new cases come into my office including a motorcyclist who shattered his knee when forced to drop to the ground when cut off by a vehicle turning left.

Drivers must be aware that this weather brings out thousands of bicyclists and motorcycle riders. They are not able to maneuver or stop in the same way in which a car can. More importantly, minor contact with little physical damage can cause serious personal injury to the operator. Bikers can be thrown from a bike causing head injuries,broken bones, road rash and other serious injuries.

Motorcyclists are by nature defensive drivers because they simply need to be, as drivers of motor vehicles sharing the road, we need to be defensive as well.

UPDATE 6/16 – It turns out the Torti family had five children. This is a tragedy for that family in every sense of the word. The family has created a Gofundme page for funeral costs and the children’s benefit. Here is a link if you feel so inclined to contribute.