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Bryant University in little Rhode Island made national news this week for some horrible and unfortunate reasoning. The news reported that a new construction at Bryant intended for athletics collapsed and fell mid construction.

At least six workers, some of whom were from out of state, were injured in the collapse. The severity of the injuries vary, though, fortunately no one was killed in this accident. A few of the workers remain in the hospital at this time recovering. The cause of the collapse was not immediately known and OSHA has indicated that a full report on the cause of the collapse could take months.

These workers, or others injured in a construction site accident, are entitled to workers compensation at a minimum. This will cover medical bills and lost wages while they are unable to work. Workers Compensation may also allow for a small settlement amount, but workers comp does not cover pain and suffering such as is available in a personal injury claim.

Construction remains among the most dangerous professions in our country and, as such, accounts for very serious life-altering injuries. OSHA among with State and Federal laws and guidelines have attempted to reduce the dangers of working on a construction site, but they will always remain. Quite honestly, creating and maintaining an absolutely safe environment at a construction site would send project costs sky-high and would likely add months to any project.

Construction accidents can be caused in countless ways but some of the most common causes of work place injuries are:

  • Defective products on the work site;
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